What is a Physiotherapy Home Service?

What is a Physiotherapy Home Service

Physiotherapy home service Dubai refers to a physical therapist’s visits to a patient’s own private home. A therapist usually works with the patient for a time period, often from one week to 3 months.

After physiotherapy treatment is provided in the clinic, a physiotherapist often travels to a patient’s home to continue treatment. This enables the physiotherapist to continue to care for the patient at home, avoiding the inconvenience of transportation and expense that would be involved in traveling to the patient’s home.

  1. A physiotherapy home service can be as extensive or as minimal as desired. In the absence of a referral from a doctor, referrals are commonly made by the patient and his or her family members. In cases of severe pain, medication may be prescribed by a physician on the patient’s behalf. In the absence of a referral, referrals to qualified and competent therapists who perform home care physiotherapy are typically made by the physiotherapist.
  2. All therapists practicing in this specialty undergo specialized training from among the pool of physiotherapists who have been licensed in their respective specialty.
  3. In most instances, referrals are made by persons associated with the physiotherapy professional. These individuals include parents or other relatives of well-known sports injuries victims; other individuals well known to the physiotherapist or the patient; and even former patients of physiotherapists. Referrals to qualified and experienced physiotherapists are especially valuable to individuals suffering from sports injuries and other types of injuries because these individuals have firsthand experience with the pain and other symptoms that a physiotherapy-home service is designed to alleviate.
  4. Before a patient can begin a scheduled long-term or short-term stay at a professional physiotherapy clinic, he or she must be screened for physical, mental, and medical needs.
  5. A complete history and physical examination are necessary to determine if the patient is suitable for long-term rehabilitation services. During the long-term assessment, the screen that is done includes a complete blood count, see if the person is physically fit to get botox offer dubai with the help of blood chemistry profile, and urine tests.
  6. The health history of the patient is also thoroughly evaluated. All relevant information about a person’s occupational and recreational activities is recorded as well.
  7. The screening for long-term rehabilitation services requires as many as 20 visits to the home-care clinic before a referral to a specialist can be made. While on a physiotherapy home service, a number of services are provided to physiotherapists and their patient families.
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