Things children will be learning in school

Things children will be learning in school

School is more than just a teaching academy. It’s about the growth and nurturing of a child, it’s about learning and developing skills, it’s about connecting with others and experiencing something beyond than what the children are provided with at home. So when your child starts schooling you may think they will learn to make new friends and etc, but in reality there are more things which British nursery in Dubai would teach them.

  • Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the ones where your child learns basic learning and handling of things. It’s extremely important for the child to learn fine motor skills in the early years of their childhood because it stays with them forever. Basic tasks such as using scissors and holding a crayon should be learnt so that these skills can be refined later but in order to get started, they should be there in the first place.

  • Listening to others

It is not uncommon for children to ignore your requests and get lost in their own tasks and sometimes even cut you in the middle of instructions. This is a complaint which most parents come up with and the best way to overcome this would be to teach them to listen to others and adults hearing them out without interruption in the first place. Children learn what they perceive and the best way to do that is by practicing what you preach.

  • Social skills

This is the best time for kids to get a hang of their social skills through making friends and learning to share and play without conflicts. This is the time of life when children are not usually burdened with studies thus it is good to invest time in their social learning. This is the time for social and emotional development where children learn to interact with each other in an open environment, so let them have conflicts and resolve it themselves.

  • Open learning

If you are not familiar with the idea of open learning then it is about not following a curriculum for children in fact giving the open space and playground to learn and investigate considering they are always curious. This develops their intelligence and brain as it is not restricted to books but it is the exploration which is leading them to better understanding of the world.

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