What are the Most Comfortable Praying Mats?

What are the Most Comfortable Praying Mats

A prayer mat or prayer rug is a large piece of fabric, either a flat stack rug, used by many Muslims and some Christians as a place to sit while praying. The mat itself serves as a prayer floor that has been laid on the ground, in front of the prayer chair or bed. The fabric can be plain colored or dyed in different patterns and colors. Prayer mats and prayer rugs come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Each type has its own purpose and usage, while all types share a common purpose:

Cotton Praying Mats: The most common type of prayer rugs are made of cotton. Cotton has the highest thread count, meaning that more threads are needed to produce a thick mat, and they are able to be woven tightly for strength. Cotton prayer mats and prayer rugs are usually available in a few different thicknesses: regular, thick, and extra thick. Some specialty prayer mats, like the wool prayer rug, are available only to religious institutions or businesses. Find here more about janamaz.

Woven Cotton Prayer Mats: Woven cotton prayer mats and rugs come in a wide array of colors, from bright and vivid red and orange to natural, dull brown and green. Some colors may have been chosen specifically because they are associated with particular religions or spiritualism. Green represents Islam, red represents Christianity, browns represent Judaism and blues represent the Pagan Shinto tradition. Depending on the region, there may also be additional colors and designs for particular religions.

Woven Polyester Prayer Mats: Woven polyester prayer mats and folding janamaz are available as singles or in large quantities as home decor items. Some come with beautiful coordinating throw pillows. These prayer mats are washable and can be machine-washed. This makes them handy for summer vacations and other times when washing facilities aren’t readily available at home. If you want a prayer mat that is durable, then this may be the type you’re looking for. Polyester is known for durability and comfort and these mats hold up well against moisture and even sun damage.

Traditional Moroccan Prayer Mats: Traditional Moroccan rugs and prayer mats come in a variety of styles and patterns. These rugs are often hand knotted and hand woven. They are commonly made in shades of red, orange, yellow and blue and can be used for both inside and outside applications. The wool used in most mihrab products is dyed in shades of darker browns but sometimes omits the red dye.

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